Take in the view, as you stand on the skid of a helicopter. Then as we step off, experience an awesome view of the Matterhorn. From 5,000 m / 16,400 ft.

Skydive the matterhorn

Skydiving is an extreme adventure, one that many people add to their "bucket list". When you take a jump, we're helping you accomplish a goal - whether it's overcoming a fear or taking an item off that list. We'll help coach you to achieve your goal, but we'll never pressure you to do something beyond your comfort zone. It's safe to test your limits with us. We'll keep you safe.

Take in the view

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Your safety is the No.1 concern

All jumps meet the highest standards for safety. Federal-certified equipment is used, aircraft and gear is checked by third-party inspectors and staff are re-certified every 12 months. Your safety is taken seriously.